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Amanda Tartt has spent a large part of her life travelling and discovering the world. She was born in England, raised in Gothenburg in Sweden, but has the whole globe as her home. She has worked where life has allowed her to stay for a while, long or short. Writing has always been her way of creating and keeping her memories.

Today, Amanda is running an ecological café in London. Among cookies, sandwiches, coffee and tea, she enjoys spending her days with her customers. When the tables sometimes are empty, she picks up her laptop and writes down thoughts and ideas that have come to her during the day.IMG_6598 v6 1960s v2

From time to time, she also sits down at another café. With the excuse of checking out the competition, she also finds inspiration and unexpected details for her writing. If Chocolate or Champagne DP, or for that matter any of the stories that have not yet been translated into English, have any background in her life, she does not want to reveal.

So far, she has published five short stories, and she is editing her sixth at this very moment. Other than that, she has a new and very exciting project going on; Amanda has started working on her first novel. See you soon again, with Amanda, her main character Sanna, in another place, for another adventure …

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