Fantastic review of ”Champagne DP”

Thank you, Agnes, for your great reviw of Champagne DP 🙂 I hope this will attract even more readers to both Champagne DP and to Chocolate! Remember, there are several more short stores to be translated, if you want me to ...

Chocolate for free … but not forever ;-)

Now you can some free Chocolate! Have as much as you like, it won't even make you fat 😉 On the contrary, this might actually make you fitter than ever ... But hurry up! It's only on for two more days!

Twitter trailers

She's done it again! No, not Sanna, this time, but Sandra. Sandra at Hoi Publishing has surprised me  with some excellent mini-trailers for my English short stories. There are five of them. You can get the short stories, Chocolate and Champagne DP, on Amazon for $ 1,09 each, if you haven't read them already. You can also... Fortsätt läsa mer →

Chevy kommer den 5 oktober :-)

Äntligen lite nyheter om Chevy. Chevy som i Chevrolet. Chevy som i min sjätte novell! Femte oktober är det dags, så håll ut lite till 😉 Nja, det handlar inte så mycket om just den här bilen. Kanske om en annan? Kanske inte så mycket om just bilar, ändå har Chevy:n en central roll i novellen. Sanna är... Fortsätt läsa mer →

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